Welcome to Cosmetic Dentist Coral Springs!

If you are like most patients, you have a dental issue that you would love to have transformed! It’s time to whiten your teeth and create a Hollywood smile for you! If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, or you are experiencing considerable pain from one or several teeth, why suffer any longer? Most people procrastinate in resolving their important dental issues because of one of three reasons:
1. They are very concerned with the “pain” when having a dental procedure.
2. They are personally embarrassed by the current condition of their teeth.
3. They don’t feel they have adequate dental insurance or the finances to resolve their dental needs today.

At Cosmetic Dentist Coral Springs we solve all three of these concerns for you! Within every step of the process, we make sure you are comfortable and confirm that you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort while you watch your favorite movie or TV show on your own private TV!

Cosmetic Dentist Coral Springs works hard to accommodate your schedule by offering late appointments up to 8pm on select dates. If you have a dental emergency, you can call the office 24/7 and we will get back to you ASAP!

Our office staff members are experts in the different types of dental insurance plans and will let you know prior to starting any procedure how much dental coverage you have and what your personal investment will be.

Our Wide Array of Dental Services

As a patient, Cosmetic Dentist Coral Springs offers you a wide array of general, cosmetic, and orthodontic dental services. Our extensive experience and expertise in the major fields of dentistry and our competitive procedure fees has patients seeking us not just from the local area, but from all over the world!

Cosmetic Dentist Coral Springs passion is to restore in our patients the beautiful smile God intended for them to have! The greatest joy for us and our caring staff is when a patient’s outer beauty is transformed and how that changes the inner beauty, self esteem, and confidence of the patient!

The treatments you may receive include teeth whitening, dental implants, root canals, tooth extractions, tooth fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, dental and lip lifts, cleanings, and gum restorations among many others. This wide array of options allows you to get treatment for any type of dental problem all under one roof! This makes dental care of the entire family easy!


Don’t put off obtaining the “perfect smile” any longer! Call our office today at (954) 344-2530


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